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A commitment to the highest construction standards, materials and workmanship.

Niche Developments is a new multi-family developer with deep construction credentials. Combining the extensive experience of John Clarke and Peter Purewal, the result is an innovative condo builder with an amazing affiliated portfolio of proven highest end construction.

The Niche Philosophy

Niche Developments strictly adheres to this philosophy: Only the highest standards are acceptable; with environmentally sound practices at the forefront, implementation of proven innovation and technology provides its own rewards; maintaining close and binding relationships with ‘best in class’ craftsmen, suppliers and collaborators results in the finest finished results; delivering beautiful, smart, efficient condominium homes will pave the way to sustained successful development and the realization of Niche client’s dreams.

Concrete Construction and Condo Fees

Concrete and steel buildings typically cost less to maintain than wood frame construction buildings - saving you $$$!
Average Monthly Condo Fees - NicheOne*
Average Monthly Condo Fees - Wood Frame*
Total 5 Years Savings with your NicheOne Condo*

* Energy savings from NicheOne's Geothermal technology along with low maintenance costs are taken into account. Costs are estimated and based on available data.

Concrete and Steel Construction - Here's a burning question for you:

Wood frame condo buildings are cheap to build. That's why most of your new condo purchase options are wood frame construction. Niche One uses concrete and steel as its structural platform. Why? Concrete doesn't burn. Steel doesn't burn. Expected structural lifespan for concrete and steel construction is 300 years, more than 5 times that of wood frame construction. Concrete and steel construction benefits go on and on - just ask your banker, your insurance provider, any structural engineer or a satisfied owner of a condominium built of concrete and steel.

Yes, using concrete and steel costs more to build, but the advantages are many and you wont pay any additional premium at Niche One. See for yourself - when you are comparing condos, do some simple math: Take the purchase price and divide it by the square footage. This simple equation will prove Niche One's exceptional value.

Concrete & Steel Construction

World Class Architecture

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Mod-Panel roofing system

Spraysulate spray foam insulation

Location, Location, Location

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Niche ONE Location

Drive to downtown:
7 minutes
Bike to downtown:
18 minutes
Bussing/C Train to downtown:
24 minutes
Westbrook Shopping Center:
230 Meters away
Shaganappi Golf Course:
5 minute drive